Toddler Adventures

Here at World Class Plumbing, we believe having a toddler running around in our home, there are a

lot of things that we have already experienced as well as some of our customers, maybe it was the gum in their hair, baby powder slung all over the room, crayon drawings on the wall, lipstick all over their faces, or maybe just maybe a clogged toilet. Toddlers are notorious for flushing different objects down the toilet, they will grab anything they can find, and throw it in the toilet, and try to flush it down(HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM)! Water every where, and now they are running out of the bathroom....its not hard to find the culprit, just follow the set of wet foot prints leading out the bathroom.

Facts: Toilets are used to dispose of human waste only!!!!!!! Using it for anything else can damage your plumbing.

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