Disposal Problems

When we think of a garbage disposal, it is something that takes little time and effort to pour unwanted food items in the disposal. With the click of a switch it grinds the food up.....easy fix right? WRONG!! There are actually 9 items that you should never put in your garbage disposal!

Coffee grounds Pasta Bones Nuts Actual garbage Fibrous vegetables Fruit pits Cleaning chemicals Paint

What do all of these items have in common? They can become sticky when they're wet, turn into clumps, and stick to everything, including the disposal. Some of the items listed can damage the blades of your garbage disposal. some can cause damage to your pipes. Using chemicals a lot will eventually eat away at your pipes and cause them to leak or burst. Anything that is stringy or absorbs water should not go into the garbage disposal. It could wrap around the blades, causing the blades to get stuck.

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