Disposable Wipes Are Not Welcome In The Pipes!

Disposable baby wipes can become a major issue with your plumbing system if you decide to flush this item down the toilet instead of throwing it in the trash. Initially, disposable wipes were sold in the diaper section of grocery stores. But today they are available almost everywhere, from large packages, to smaller, hand pocket sized packages that easily fit into women’s handbags. Wipes at the time that were only meant for babies during diaper changes, the product has evolved, with facial wipes and hand sanitizing wipes flooding the market. These handy disposable wipes, said to be “flushable” are mislabeled. While you can flush them down your toilet, there are many horror stories of drain pipes, and home septic systems getting clogged as well. Here are some reasons why you should not dispose of disposable wipes down your drain:

Disposable and flushable: but… is it really true that you can flush disposable wipes down the toilet. The “flushable” term here means that it is easy to dispose of them in the toilet because the wipes will fit your drain pipes. The wipes are flushable, but can accumulated in the pipes, and clog the pipes. Wipes are disposable, but it did not say that you are to dispose of them down your toilets. Disposable means you throw them into a trash can.

Attracts other waste materials:  A typical residential toilet drain pipe is only about four inches in diameter. Since the disposable wipes are not so biodegradable, and water can just pass through them, they can accumulate inside the pipes, trapping other wastes, including grease. In time the waste can turn into a sizable mass of a mess, which will clog your pipes, prevent waste from passing through the pipes,  and in time you’ll end up with a problem that will require professionals to solve. At World Class Plumbing, we have been in the plumbing industry business for over 35 years, and we have the knowledge, and experience to tackle the most difficult issues. So if your plumbing pipes are in a jam contact the plumbing experts today at: (843)972-9002, or visit our website to schedule an appointment: http://worldclassplumbingsc.com

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