Bathroom Safety For Children

Children are prone to getting into everything. Their motto is "If they can visibly see it, they will touch it, play with it, or even put it in their mouths"! Here are some helpful tips to help all parents in keeping their little ones safe:

Keep the toilet paper out of reach. Children can unroll the entire roll of toilet paper, and either place all of it in the toilet, slip, and fall, or flush the springy toilet paper holder down the toilet. Many times the springy part of the holder will expand inside the toilet trap, and it cannot be removed.

Another great tip in protecting your children is creating a moment with your children when they are getting ready for bed and its time for them to brush their teeth. Rather than sending them in the bathroom on their own, creating that special moment between you and your children will be special for them, and a supervision tool for you.

If your little one is potty training and they are too small to use the adult potty, a toilet seat lock is an awesome tool to use to keep your little ones from falling in. Its easy for a toddler to fall in the toilet the wrong way and potentially drown. This device will keep the toilet lid closed, detouring your child from attempting to lift up the lid.

Self-closing door hinges for your bathroom door, or even a child safety gate is a simple solution as well. If your children are small enough, of course they won't be able to open up the door to the bathroom, but this is a quick and affordable solution for the safety of your children vs. the bathroom nightmares that can occur. These safety tips are being offered to you by World Class Plumbing, a reputable plumbing company with over 35 years worth of plumbing experience in the industry.

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