Perform a free plumbing inspection/checkup every 6 months. Document potential repairs to plan for or take action to resolve before the item becomes inoperable.

Every inspection will include: clean all in-home faucet aerators/filters (specifically in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room).

Flush water heater and inspect for leaks, exterior corrosion build up, proper venting, and correct water temperature and pressure every 6 months. (Tankless Water Heaters - once a year). Ensure that the pilot light ignites properly and inspect the heating elements. $200 value.

Label where the home's sewer system can be accessed so it can be inspected and cleaned when necessary.


Inspect exterior water faucets to ensure there are no leaks.


Provide firm flat-rate pricing for all of our services before the work is performed.

Inspect the washing machine water inlet hoses to detect leaks and evaluate their condition. If the pipes rattle when today's high efficiency washers are turned on, we can determine a solution to protect your pipes.


Inspect the condition of sump pump and sewage pump to ensure proper operation (when applicable).


Label all water/gas shut off valves in your home including gas lines, water lines, and water heaters to show you how to turn them on/off.


Save an additional 15% on any plumbing service.


Your family and friends's homes can also receive a 15% discount on any plumbing issues they might have as long as you are present when services are provided.


Lifetime Protection Plan is transferable and covers homes that you own within our service area in South Carolina.


Locate and review city water meter readings to identify potential unseen leaks that would skyrocket your water bill and cause damage to your foundation.